About AgriFood4Future

AgriFood4Future aims to develop vocational training skills and educational programmes that meet the needs of the "agriculture of the future". This mission can be divided into 3 operational objectives:

1 / 3 AgriFood4Future will contribute to the transformation of the agri-food sector towards digitalisation, decarbonisation and sustainability.
2 / 3 AgriFood4Future will support the large-scale implementation of new and emerging agriculture practices, such as climate-smart agriculture, precision agriculture, regenerative and organic practices.
3 / 3 AgriFood4Future will provide the necessary soft and technical skills, raising awareness, and cultivating an entrepreneurial mind-set for the “agriculture of the future” for young people and workers in the agri-food sector.

These objectives will be achieved through the various stages of the project. Firstly, an assessment of skills requirements and preparatory work will be carried out. This will be followed by cooperation and networking between the partners, with the aim of creating lasting partnerships. The aim of these partnerships will be to develop innovative education and training programmes in the field of intelligent agriculture and sustainable food systems. Finally, the partners will prepare an action plan to ensure the sustainability of the project. 



The AgriFood4Future project is designed around four of the main drivers of change in the industry:

Digital transition

Digitalization towards increased efficiency & productivity. How can we produce more efficiently?

Green transition

Decarbonization and climate & energy-smart agriculture. How can we produce more with less energy consumption? How to mitigate and adapt farming practices to the new climate change issues?

Resilience and sustainable food systems

How to produce in a more resilient and sustainable way?

Business sustainability

through new business models and resources valorization. How to make it financially rewarding, while making food affordable?

Project Partners

AgriFood4Future gathers 23 European organisations and clusters from the agrifood and digital sectors coming from 7 regions across EU: