The aim of this mapping exercise will be to identify current labour market and vocational training needs in the agri-food sector.

A thorough analysis of the skills still unmet in the field of digitalisation, innovation and sustainability will be carried out, supported by a state-of-the analysis and policy trends of the agri-food sector in Europe, also considering the specificities at national/regional level of each CoVE involved in the project.

The mapping will also deliver a general and updated overview of the best practices in smart and sustainable farming in the VET ecosystems. The outcome of this WP will be fundamental basis and input to be used to build the training programmes and to support innovation in the VET agrifood ecosystem.

AF4F - Entrepreneurship & Acceleration Program - Strategic areas

Entrepreneurship & Acceleration Program

Ready to start your entrepreneurship journey in the agrifood industry? Our Entrepreneurship & Acceleration Program provides early-stage startups and innovators (TRL 2 to 6) with comprehensive training, ongoing mentorship, and global exposure to elevate your business to new heights of success.

Open Innovation & Challenge-Based Program

Ready to build a pilot project alongside a leading agrifood company? Dive into our Open Innovation & Challenge-Based Program! We're calling on game-changing startups (TRL >4-5) with solutions to key industry challenges, while leading agrifood corporates and SMEs share their pressing issues. Stay tuned for our July 2024 call opening!


The aim of the networking actions is to establish cooperation, networking and partnerships between the project partners, COVE network partners, stakeholders and target groups.

This cooperation will be achieved through the development of several initiatives aimed at strengthening the know-how and capacities of the partnership. Internationalisation mechanisms for vocational education and cross-border exchange frameworks between the COVEs will be defined.

This action aims to establish collaborative methods and tools to ensure innovation and the evolution of the European VET ecosystem in the field of intelligent agriculture and sustainable food systems.


The aim of the courses is to develop and test innovative teaching and training programmes in the field of intelligent agriculture and sustainable food systems.

This will be complemented by the design and development of a lifelong learning program for “farmer advisors” and a capacity building action tailored to agrifood SMEs and farmers on key aspects for a more efficient and sustainable agriculture. In addition, the action includes tasks related to the development and demonstration of e-learning and educational tools as well as the design of a VET guidance service and territorial observatory to monitor the trends of the labour market and support the re-adaptation of VET learning programmes to emerging market needs.



One of the pillars of the AgriFood4Future project concerns the support actions for companies.

Various activities are planned as part of the support actions:

  • Setting up an experimental internship mobility program open to students. This programme will support up around 15 trainees for 1 to 2 months internships in hosting organisations.
  • Setting up a "summer school":the aim of this action is to give participants a basic understanding of entrepreneurship and the context of sustainable agriculture. It will take place in Portugal, where teams will develop ideas and business models for real case studies. In the bootcamp, participants will have the opportunity to learn from highly qualified mentors, listen to innovators in the field, generate an idea, test it and defend it using entrepreneurship tools.