About us


The aim of the AgriFood4Future project is to innovate in the field of vocational education, higher education and continuing training. The project will set up a network of COVEs in 6 countries: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and Belgium. COVEs are formed by networks of partners that develop local "skills ecosystems" to provide high quality vocational skills to young people and adults.

The network will identify, design, and implement innovative solutions to enhance the quality of the VET programmes throughout Europe, reinforce the cooperation in the "knowledge triangle" and create permanent support for entrepreneurs and businesses active in smart farming and sustainable food chain.


To achieve the expected goal, 3 activities will punctuate the project over 4 years:

1 / 3 Assessment of market needs : the aim is to identify the existing labour market and vocational training needs in the sector of agrifood primary production.
2 / 3 Cooperation and partnership, focused on the interaction between the local COVES, establishment of business-education partnerships, internationalization of the VET ecosystems…
3 / 3 Design, develop and test new VET programmes to reinforce the skills necessary to boost smart farming and sustainable agri-food systems in the industry. The project will also develop e-learning tools for teaching/education in agro-food topics.

Project partners

AgriFood4Future gathers 23 European partners from the agri-food and digital sector coming from 7 countries across EU: